POSTER SALE and Nina Turner is coming to Nashville!


POSTER SALE!  I am working with the planning committee of Our Revolution to bring Nina Turner to Nashville, and we are all currently fundraising.  Since I'm better at making illustrations than I am at making phone calls, I thought a poster sale would be a good idea.  First off, here's a little information about Nina:

Nina Turner was born to working-class parents in Cleveland, Ohio, and began working at age 14 to help her mother provide for her six brothers and sisters.  She served on Ohio's senate, focusing on issues such as labor, income and wealth inequality, voting rights, and other progressive causes.  She has since become a star among progressive democrats and is an active supporter of Bernie Sanders.  She has worked as a professor and motivational speaker, traveling the states speaking to crowds up to 20,000 people.  In 2017, Nina became president of Our Revolution, an organization that Sanders created to revitalize American democracy, empower progressive leaders, and elevate political consciousness.


My FAVORITE video! 


I'm offering these 3 poster options.  The cost is $35 per poster, plus shipping, and they are size 11x17".  100% of the profits will go towards bringing Nina to Nashville.  Please email me for more information.